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Wash my hands sticky from filthy library books…
That's why students have a cold so often.
They mess too much with filthy books from the library.
Have been copying books for over two hours.
Almost 2,5 inches op paper. And that is only for the upcoming two weeks.
Then the copying starts all over again. Studying is not environmental gentle.
It was very busy at the library. Lots of students.
I did not expected it to be so crowded on the first sunny spring day.
Saw a student with green fluoressant earplugs.
Copied a 2,5 inches high staple of photocopies and that is besides the books I have to buy.
Who sung, and the living is eeeeaaasy. Yeah right, not for students it is.
At six o'clock I'm finished. Walk home. The sun makes long shadows.
See a yellow daffodil and no, they are not always yellow.
See a green half eaten sour apple thrown away close to the daffodil.
See a man sitting on the terrace of a bar, his wife sitting next to him.
They are drinking beer. He is stroking a large carton box.
He just bought a synthesiser. His wife's face is neutral.
She says nothing and has nothing to stroke on.
The sun is setting. Go home. Open a window. Look at the river.
A bird flies by. A car. Another car.
People are hurrying to the gym.
Gym-people are always in a hurry. That's the way they like it.
There are still only two trees with leafs on in the street.
It is too cold to have the window open but I leave it that way. Need some sun.
The next few days I will try to finish my essay on animal rights.
It was an interesting survey, but I won't mind to move on to the next topic.
Must tell you about an interesting artist, but that can wait until tomorrow.


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