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Besides Leonardo da Vinci, Painter at the Court of Milan, in the National Gallery London, I am planning to go to Brighton. Why Brighton? It was King George III's son George, born in 1762 (p.58) who invented Brighton, 'near enough to the capital not to be out of touch, far enough to do whatever you liked in. [...] Brighton was invented as medical advice lit upon the healthful properties of salt water and sea air, just at the moment when walking out for a little exercise coincided with promenading for social display, and when the pleasures of holidaying in clean air away from the city created not only pleasure gardens but pleasure-and-leisure towns and spas, stiffened with a dose of medicament. 
Brighton would speedily provide all this, and the prince launched it by buying a farmhouse there which faced the river Steine in order to be near to his mistress, Mirs. Fitzherbert, whom he had illegally married in 1784. So from the start Brighton - and all seaside resorts - was linked to lubricity, and royal heirs to sexual scandals'(p.60). 


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Inglis, F. (2010). A Short History of Celebrity. Princeton/Oxford: Princeton University Press.


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